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August 25, 20162 days ago

15km Club Championship TNTT - SEPT 1st

TNTT Kim  

Due to rainy weather and a poor turnout we have moved out Club Championship TNTT to Thursday Sept 1st.

We have prizes for everyone who braved the poor conditions tonight but will be doing podiums and awarding all of the medals next Thursday. TELL YOUR FRIENDS, DON'T MISS IT!!

August 18, 20169 days ago

Our first 2-UP #TNTT was a HUGE Success!!

FullSizeRender (10)  

Another amazing turnout tonight 35 riders took the start at our weekly TT series. 20 brave souls took part in our first ever 2-UP #TNTT. 2-UP = Two riders working together to cover the 25km course as fast as possible. The event was a huge hit, smiles and amazing feedback all around. This is something we will incorporate into the schedule again in 2017. Make sure to mark your calendar...Next week is our club championship TNTT. Prizes and medals to be won!  Full results from tonight are now posted

August 11, 201616 days ago

Thursday Night Time Trial - August 11th results

FullSizeRender (9)  

Ed Veal and Marc Freemantle had quite the battle tonight. It was a dead heat until the final few kilometers only finishing a few seconds apart. Congrats to both RealDeal/D'Ornellas p/b Garneau team mates for putting on a great display of strength and disapline. Congrats to Kevin Higgin of the Morning Glory Cycling Club for his 3rd place finish and  joining the 19 minute club with his personal best time of 19:58. Full results are now posted.

August 9, 201619 days ago

RealDeal/D'Ornellas p/b Garneau Wins Again!

RealDeal Team 1  

Another stellar race in the books as the team went 1st, 2nd, 5th, 7th, 9th and 13th and the London Tourism Ontario Cup Criterium.

August 5, 201623 days ago

36 riders attend August 5th TNTT

WOW?!?!  Another amazing turnout to our Thursday Night TT series. 36 riders took the start and posted some amazing times. We hope you can make it next week. Full results are now posted
July 28, 20161 month ago

Top 25 #TNTT times of 2016

Top 25 fastest #TNTT times of 2016
1. Adam Jamieson 18:34 (All time course record)
2. Ed Veal 18:37
3. Marc Freemantle 19:03
4. Dave Frake 19:12
5. Marc Freemantle 19:21
6. Larbi Benhabib 19:23
7. Anton Varabei 19:23
8. Marc Freemantle 19:26
9. Marc Freemantle 19:27
10. Erik Box 19:32
11. Marc Freemantle 19:33
12. Dave Frake 19:41
13. Marc Freemantle 19:43
14. Chris Ernst 19:48
15. Marc Freemantle 19:51
16. Sjaan Gerth 19:55
17. Erik Box 20:00
18. Rol Miller 20:02
19. Erik Box 20:04
20. Anton Varabei 20:07
21. Tim Burton 20:08
22. Jon Maloney 20:09
23. Dave Frake 20:13
24. Dino Pop 20:13
25. Erik Box 20:17
26. Kevin Higgins 20:17
The 19 minute club - Only 9 athletes have gone under 20 minutes in 2016.
The 18 minute club - Only 2 athletes have gone under 19 minutes in 2016