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April 24, 20149 hours ago

Athlete Spotlight

In this week's Athlete Spotlight we have the NRD, RealDeal/Gears p/b WASPcam elite rider Nick Dicristofaro!

Nick got into cycling as a means of training for motocross. Since its easy on the knees and low impact it is perfect cross training for motocross. He got into dirt bikes as a kid around 10 years old and raced until about 23 with dreams of turning professional. He found out he was way better at fixing bikes and making them go faster than riding them, so went to school for mechanical engineering and got his motorcycle red seal trade license. He became involved with wrenching for professional riders and teams and eventually was head technician for the Suzuki Factory Team in Canada traveling all over and spending winters in Georgia/Florida. It was there that he bought his first road bike and started riding with the guys who raced motocross. He enjoyed it and remembers getting his ass handed to him.

Fast forward a few years, he stopped racing motocross and wrenching for Suzuki and worked a steady job for manufacturer training technicians. This gave him more spare time so he decided to try a road race; The Niagara Classic. He didn't finish very well but at that point vowed to improve and win one day. It all took off from there and he took it more seriously each year. He got involved with Ed Veal and hired him as his coach the year after and it was then that his training took off and he began to make big improvements, eventually making it to ride on the team. He soon became certified as a personal trainer and today he teaches classes at RealDeal Performance in Vaughan!

"Ed and Mike have helped me become a better rider and coach over the years and now I enjoy helping other riders and instilling the Real Deal system into anyone that wants to get faster on their bike!"

1) What do you like to do when you're not training/racing?
Eat (a lot), sleep (not enough), work and poop (too much). Oh and spend time with my fiancee Sommer and run around with Enzo my dog.....and instruct at RealDeal Performance in Vaughn!

2) What's the best advice anyone has ever given you?
My grandfather used to tell me excuses are for losers. He was old. Old school, so I do not make excuses for anything. I admit it when I suck!

3) What goes through your head while racing?
If I am cross eyed I am praying for it to be over and if I feel good I don't want it to end!

4) How do you calm your nerves before a big race?
Listen to music and take deep breathes from the diaphragm.

5) What draws you to cycling?
The challenge and the open road. I always need a challenge and something to work towards, and for me, with cycling I can never go hard or fast enough to be satisfied.

6) What would you say is your greatest strength on the bike? Why?
I would say short, punchy climbs and steep, uphill sprints. I have a weight advantage in this department.

7) What do you think you bring to the team?
1) Good looks
2) Intensity
3) Anger

8) Who is your cycling hero? Why?
I have always liked Fabian Cancellara. He is a beast and is one of the great riders not caught up in doping scandals!

9) What are you looking forward to most this upcoming season? Why?
Showing off my new podium pose and making people suffer in the process. I get a sick sense of satisfaction when others beg for mercy.

10) Tell us about your fondest memory on the bike.
The first time I stepped on the podium at my very first win. Its a feeling that motivates me to keep chasing and improving. Another that stands out in my mind is the very first time I rode 100km. When I started I used to think 60km was a long ride but 100km was just crazy. Then when I did it on my own in one ride I thought to myself, there is way more out there what else can I do? The relentless pursuit all started from there.

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April 23, 201423 hours ago

Paris to Ancaster Course Scout!

Racing Paris to Ancaster this weekend? Wondering about conditions?

Our friend and elite mountain biker Matt Cassell did some recon on RealDeal's behalf this week and wrote this guest post surveying the course for this weekend's final stage of King of the Spring - Paris to Ancaster.

Read the report and view pictures HERE!
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April 23, 201423 hours ago


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April 22, 20141 day ago

Outdoor TNTT This Week!

Our signature Thursday Night Time Trial returns to the streets this week! April 24th marks the first week of our 2014 weekly series. Registration is in the parking lot at the church on Kennedy Road, south of Nineteen Avenue, on the west side. (GPS: 11248 Kennedy Road Markham, ON L6C 1P1). Course starts at Kennedy Rd and Elgin Mills. TT or road bikes welcome, all skill levels welcome!

$10 per rider. Half price ($5) for all RealDeal Clients

First rider starts at 7:00PM

2014 technical guide HERE
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April 22, 20142 days ago

Easter Weekend with RealDeal!

It was a busy long weekend for our team! With the 2nd Ontario Cup of the season in Ancaster on Friday, the Mary Kelly 100, and hosting the 6th annual Hell of the North on Sunday we were thrilled with some amazing events and fantastic results on this weekend of beautiful riding weather!

Good Friday Ontario Cup
The Good Friday Ontario Cup on Friday April 18th saw podiums for our RealDeal/Gears p/b WASPcam female riders with Jamie Gilgen taking a second consecutive win in the Elite 1/2 female category and Barbie Hope taking a second consecutive podium with her third place finish in the Elite 3 women! Read the Good Friday race report by Barbie Hope HERE!


Mary Kelly Memorial
On Saturday April 19th, our RealDeal/Gears p/b WASPcam women Sarah Rasmussen and Jamie Gilgen raced the triple weekend attending the Forest City Velodrome for the 5th annual Mary Kelly 100. Congratulations to our girls Sarah finishing 2rd overall with Jamie following in 3rd!

Read all about this event HERE!


Hell of the North
Sunday April 20th's imitable Hell of the North saw our team working hard to put on a great event! We were pleased to host 112 riders at the Cedar Beach Pavilion in Stouffville. This event also saw some podiums for our team with Colin Busby taking the overall win in the 125km event! Read the race report by Grahame Rivers HERE!


Other podiums include:

- Jamie Gilgen: 2nd in 125km
- Rhonda Stickle 3rd in 125km
- Sarah Rasmussen 1st in 70km
- Alexandra Morley 3rd in 70km
- Sean Boileau 1st in 70km
- Niles Vaivars 3rd in 70km

Stay in the loop and follow our team on Twitter! @RealDealGears
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April 22, 20142 days ago

Hell/Heck of the North 2014 Wrap Up!

Hell and Heck of the North went off this past Sunday in beautiful conditions as 112 riders challenged themselves with the hardest event on the Ontario calendar.

We want to thank all the volunteers who came to help us out and a big thank you to all the riders who made this event what it was!

Read the race report from RealDeal/Gears p/b WASPcam rider Grahame Rivers HERE

Hell of the North
Best Men's Time: Colin Busby (RealDeal/Gears p/b WASPcam) - 4:05:34.7
Best Women's Time: Antje Thamm (Kallisto-FCV) - 4:20:53.1

Heck of the North
Best Men's Time: Sean Boileau (RealDeal/Gears p/b WASPcam) - 1:55:19.8
Best Women's Time: Sarah Rasmussen (RealDeal/Gears p/b WASPcam) - 2:10:59.7

Full results available HERE

Read more about Hell of the North!
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