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July 5, 20152 days ago

Rol Miller 3rd at National Criterium

BOOM!!  Coaching client and dear friend to everything RealDeal  Rol "the talent" Miller takes the bronze medal at the Canadian National Criterium today. This is after an amazing 9th place finish in the road race on Friday. We are happy and very proud to coach one of the fastest 45 year olds in the entire country!  Congrats Rol, the best is yet to come!
July 1, 20156 days ago


Canada day TP squad  

This was taken at the Toronto 2015 Pan-Am expo area during the Canada Day celebrations at the Milton fairgrounds.

Only 9 days to go #NowOr Never

June 28, 20159 days ago

TNTT Results - June 25th

It was raining most of the day but then things let up enough for us to still run the TNTT this week.  8 brave souls hit things hard on the wet roads and it actually turned out to be a pretty fast night given the wet conditions.  Big thanks to Merv Veal and Bill Ross for looking after the timing.
1. Rol Miller 20:23
2. Peter Kofman 20:30
3. Tim Buckley 22:07
4. Mark Buckaway 22:24
5. Scott Edgington 22:39
6. Jessica Cambell 24:47
7. Chantel Thompson 27:30
8. Petrina Dolby 27:43
June 18, 201518 days ago

TNTT Results - June 18th 2015

1. Dave Frake 19:25

2. Rol Miller  21:16

3. Bruce Telfer 21:47

4. Bruce Raymer 21:56

5. Jeff Sykes 22:13    EM

6. Stuart Smith 22:37

7. Marlon Scott  22:41  PB

8. Bruce Amos  22:52

9. Scott Edgington 22:57

10. Matt Drenters 23:08

11. Enrico Traini 22:36    PB

12. Bill Ross 23:51

13. Liz Grootenboer 26:39

June 16, 201520 days ago


The TNTT course was out of commission last week but it is all newly paved and ready for us this up coming Thursday night.  We hope to see you out.  Registration opens at 6pm and the first rider goes off at 7pm.
June 11, 201526 days ago

Our apologizes....

The TNTT had to be cancelled last minute due to some road construction that had our course torn up quite a bit.  We hope it is all repaired and ready for us to use next Thursday June 18th.  If for some reason we are still unable to use our normal course we will use another route. TNTT is a go next week 100%.  Please follow our RealDeal Performance page on FB and @realdealperform on Twitter for the results, news etc..